Past Projects

Environment Agency - Working "clientside" as a Digital Projects Advisor, a consultancy role consisting of a mix of consulting on accessibility, best practice, how to deliver good UX, strategy, how to run projects and more for the Environment Agency Website. Also actively producing wireframes, carrying out and analysing usability testing, project managing work, UAT, producing and executing test plans and generally trying to improve everything that can be improved.
Projects included trialling a mobile version of the site, producing UX for and project managing delivery of Waste Carriers tool, reviewing Coastal Dredging, Consulting, testing and helping project manage delivery of a new Publications Catalogue, trialing Crowdmapping, producing UX for and project managing delivery of Waste Exemptions tool, producing water usage calculator, improving the EP charges user journey, advising on better pollution guidance, producing improved web-search, advising on better internal mapping, advising on waste PPC campaign and local authority guidance. More to come especially with convergence to

Claire's - Producer and UX on Claire's Careers recruitment website (award winning). This site was a fun project with a complete re-brand/re-design, a completely new site architecture (defined by yours truely), ATS (that's Applicant Tracking System by the way), four language versions plus European hub, heaps of copy-writing and translation, very successful pan-european user generated content / employment communications exercise video campaign, filming various "day in the life" of videos and ongoing social media strategy. Plus a lot of fun!: Creative, UX, Copywriting, CMS, ATS, Testing and Build.
It was important to me to create a site that reflected Claire's as a fashion brand as well being a functional recruitment site. I also wanted to shorten existing user-journeys so we could re-use heaps of great content buried in the site as well as adding new material. I was also a swine on ensuring great accessibility and rigorous testing at every stage. The website won best website at the 2011 Ri5 awards for ThirtyThree and Claire's. Nice!
    Lipsy/Next - Producer and assist UX on an e-commerce .com website for Lipsy. A Women's (16-25) fashion brand. Lipsy is owned by Next. The project was both creatively and user experience led. The greatest challenge was to balance seasonally updated photoshoot images presented in a sexy way with a simple and intuitive path-to-purchase. Many other brands go to one extreme or the other. Creative, UX, Testing and HTML.
    This was a large project needing to be delivered in time for Christmas. To deliver on time we ran 2 UXers, Designers and HTMLers in parrallel. Google Docs was an amazing tool to co-ordinate efforts and avoid overlap. Weekly reviews with the client, "Agile esque" also helped keep things on track. 

    United Nations - Producer and UX on "Greening The Blue" website and campaign video. The site is intended to help encourage sustainable behaviour by United Nations staff as well as serving as a repository for data concerning the UN's carbon output. The site was endorsed by Ban-Ki-Moon himself. Creative, UX, Copywriting, Drupal CMS, Testing, Build and Video Animation Production.
    This site won an award after launch. The video has since been translated into several languages.

    BCWA - Producer on .com website for health insurance provider: Creative, UX, Copywriting, Testing and HTML.

    Simplyhealth - Producer and assist UX on .com website for health insurance provider: Creative, UX, Copywriting, Testing and HTML
    Simplyhealth owned BCWA. When Simplyhealth decided to bring all the group companies under one brand they chose my agency over others simply because the BCWA project had been so great. Having a fab relationship with the client helped - she's an agency side IA now and I was fortunate to work with her again, this time for the same company. 
      Webbliworld - Producer on kids social networking website in partnership with Aardman: Creative, UX, Copywriting, CMS, Testing and Build.
      I formed a great relationship with this brilliant client. We delivered many great extra add-ons together after the main project was over.

        Campaign for Better Transport - Produced drupal powered site and managed ongoing SLA for sustainable transport charity : Creative, UX, Drupal CMS, Copywriting, Testing and HTML.

        Futurelab Produced and assisted another producer creating this powerful education tool for Futurelab called "Exploratree". Essentially it was a flash based online version of PowerPoint designed to help children in schools across the UK. This was created years before Googledocs had made anything close to this: Creative, UX, Copywriting, CMS, Flash & Action Script, Testing and HTML. - Producer / assisting other Producers on  Drupal social network, flash games and olympic microsites for sports brand:  Creative, UX, Copywriting, Drupal CMS, Flash, Testing and HTML
        There were a lot of small projects going on here with many teams and producers working separately. Using pretty diagrams and clever spreadsheets I was able to bring things together and help everyone see a high level overview of budget and what should be happening when. It was also pretty horrible having to sift through gigs of photos of Olympians in swimming costumes, but we managed.
          Mizuno - Producer on golf forum website extension for main .com site:  Creative, UX, Forum CMS, Copywriting, Testing and Build.
          I had never been interested in golf before; i'm still not but I hear the community is thriving! Job done :-) 
            Red Cross - Producer on "Red Cross HIV" Campaign website. The campaign was designed to raise awareness of HIV issues and work the Red Cross is doing to tackle in the UK, Ethiopia, South Africa and Kazakhstan: Creative, UX, Copywriting, CMS, Testing, Build and Video Production.
            The main creative concept was my initial idea. Although it evolved slightly along the way my idea is still at the core.
              One - Producer on a facebook app and campaign site for charity One (Bono's pet project) raising awareness of key international development issues they wanted to push to parties during the 2010 General Election: Creative, UX, FB app, CMS, Copywriting, Testing and Build. 

              National Trust - Producer and UX on "National Trust Jobs" general recruitment website, "Help Shape Our Work" Governance volunteers website, a rewards and benefits website and several campaign websites for individual roles such as the "here today here tomorrow" site recruiting a 75K director. Creative, UX, Build, CMS, Copywriting and Testing.
              National Trust are very hot on accessibility. So ensuring the highest standards were met were extra essential - not that we had too much trouble.

              Natural England - Producer on "Living River Project" and "Stream" websites. Both sites were to raise awareness of Natural England's river restoration work on the Avon river system. Creative, UX, CMS, Copywriting, Testing and Build. 
              Stream was my first project after Uni. I was meant to be an exec. I was running it myself within 2 weeks.
                Remploy - Producer on .org website and maintained SLA for Remploy. Remploy do great work helping disabled persons get into employment across the UK. Creative, UX, CMS, Copywriting, Testing and Build. 

                Homeless Link - Producer on .org website for homelessness charity: Creative, UX, Drupal CMS, Copywriting, Testing and Build. 
                Over the course of the project they changed their primary stake holder 8 times.
                  Warchild - Producer on .org website for brilliant charity that helps children who are pushed into being child soldiers: Creative, UX, CMS, Copywriting, Testing and Build. 
                  My friends sister worked for War Child and sang their praises; and trust me, she's one of these highly educated super-warriors - she's not easily impressed. Going by their humble offices in London I can believe War Child are one of those that spend more on groundwork than they do on tea and biscuits for the office!

                  Baker Tilly - Producer and UX on a graduate recruitment website for an insurance brand. All page headers were animated and to match the offline material the colour scheme changes depending which area the user is in. A video player was created specifically for the "meet our people" section so that the videos could be integrated into the funk headers: Creative, UX, Copywriting, CMS, Testing, Flash and Build.

                  WWF - helped produce a Secondlife island for the charity WWF. Creative, Secondlife, Testing.

                  Bristol University - Producer and UX on a interactive guide to Bristol for the International Students department of Bristol University. This included a few days out with three awesome students filming "homemade" style "This is why I love Bristol" clips. A big challenge was to deliver the guide as a fully interactive piece with the feel of "Flash" without using Flash. Hoorah for HTML5. Creative, UX, HTML5 Build, Video filming, Testing and Build.

                  Burges Salmon - Producer and UX on a recruitment website for a law firmCreative, UX, Basic CMS, Copywriting, Testing and Build.

                  Gloucestershire County Council - Producer and UX on "On the up" campaign site to help recruit social workers for Gloucestershire County Council: Creative, UX, Copywriting, Flash, Testing and Build.

                  Forum for the future - managing an ongoing SLA for future innovations charity. 

                  Percol - managing updates for an organic coffee brand.

                  Famelab - managing updates for Famelab. A yearly science competition for young people. 

                  Landscape Institute - managing an ongoing SLA for the Landscape Institute. 

                  Drinkaware - Huge program of work which I mostly kept away from apart from workshops. However, just before I left Enable I did muck in and get a little flash game out the door. 

                  Devon County Council  - Producer and UX on "Sea both sides" which is a recruitment portal for Devon County Council mental health workers: Creative, UX, CMS, ATS, Copywriting, Testing and Build.

                  Sky, Premier Inn, Barclays, Barclaycard, Vision Express, Vodafone, Virgin, BMW, Nestlé, Sainsbury's, BCWA, Simplyhealth, - delivering banner and HTML email advertising.

        , FCUK, Halfords, Kia, Proton, UWE, RNID, Unite - Content admin and testing.
                  I was working on these sites from the age of 15-18 at E3. I still haven't left Orange as a mobile provider out of some weird loyalty developed from years of helping manage their .com website.  
                    Jack Daniels, T-Mobile - Student brand marketing.
                    When I started my first contract for JD it made me throw up. After four terms of running events for them I couldn't get enough. I always have a bottle for special occasions. 

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