Friday, June 29, 2007

2 Kick offs and a lot of sleep later

My continuing mission to try and keep a blog,

The past couple of days have been hectic. Great experience for me, but hectic. Two kick off's, one in Bristol and one in London. Not quite wineing and dining yet, but a client lunch and some interesting sandwiches yes. I'm really looking forward to seeing how far I can take this. The only thing I'm not looking for is the fatigue, yesterday I slept 12 hours straight!! Perhaps it's something I'll get used to. Certainly beats the evil world of recruitment which I would never recommend to anyone.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thank fudge it's Friday

I'm starting get bored with this whole blog thing and I'm only on blog 4. I mean if I can't write anything intelligible that gets the fans interest then why publish at all? Yes it's good to put these things down but surely it's easier to just use facebook. If only facebook had a blog, then it would be perfect.

Facebook, we worship thee!

Lots to do at work today, have 4 new projects kicking off at the same time!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

28 Weeks Later

I saw 28 weeks later last night, sequel to one of my favourite films of all time 28 days later and it was surprisingly rather good! Perhaps it would have been more interesting if it had starred Robbie Coletrain as I kept thinking and not Robert Carlile... can't spell.

Would definately suggest seeing it, although it is one of those movies that leaves you thinking at the end. It's just a little too real, actually that's great, but it does mean I end up planning what I would do in case of Zombie invasion.

I'm in work early this morning, hoorah.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My first blog

Well this is it,

My first blog. I've finally committed to keeping a blog. At least I'll give it a go.

So my first entry concerns my flat. I thought I would share the interesting experience of looking outside my window at torrential showers and then having those showers come join me in my bedroom. Yes, a leak! My landlord has told me it's something to do with sand coming off the tiles. I think he can shove his sand... well somewhere and fix the roof. He assures me it's new, but I don't call 10 years old new.

So that sets a precident, my first ever blog and it begins with a moan. Perhaps I shall keep one of those deep and dark blogs which amounts to nothing more than a bitch fest about life. Nah, I'll just rant a lot about all sorts.

Here goes, now where's the publish button