Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My first blog

Well this is it,

My first blog. I've finally committed to keeping a blog. At least I'll give it a go.

So my first entry concerns my flat. I thought I would share the interesting experience of looking outside my window at torrential showers and then having those showers come join me in my bedroom. Yes, a leak! My landlord has told me it's something to do with sand coming off the tiles. I think he can shove his sand... well somewhere and fix the roof. He assures me it's new, but I don't call 10 years old new.

So that sets a precident, my first ever blog and it begins with a moan. Perhaps I shall keep one of those deep and dark blogs which amounts to nothing more than a bitch fest about life. Nah, I'll just rant a lot about all sorts.

Here goes, now where's the publish button

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