Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Internet Explorer users have webbed feet

A study published today by ANON has proposed that most IE users have webbed feet and between 9 and 12 toes.

The study has suggested that there is a direct inverse-correlation between the amount of abnormality and the version of IE that is used. For example it was shown that the average IE6 users is more likely to possess a bill and tail where as IE9 users were found to show less obvious signs of deformity.

Links between IE and IQ have been cast into doubt; some IE users have gone as far as to say it was a hoax.

However, disregarding all scientific evidence it is my sound conclusion that IE users are in fact a new sub-species of Human who I now dub "Homo-Sap-IEn-404". If spotted I recommend upgrading to Chrome or Firefox or ethnic cleansing.

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