Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs

Was Steve Jobs a visionary? Probably! But do I jump on the mourning band wagon? Hell no! I'm going straight on the humour band wagon - a psychologist might say it's a defence mechanism for my grief... I just think the internet has found a way to make someone's untimely demise hilarious...

I text my friend to tell him about Steve Job's, I said "iSad" - he came back and said "iSad2"


Now that's he's passed, do you think Steve Jobs will go to Windows Heaven?

Have you heard? Like my iPhone battery, Steve Jobs just died.

Mummy, will there be signal in heaven?
Yes dear, but the angels will be an upgrade coming next year... unless they are delayed 3 months and you actually get midgets with wings glued on.

Courtesy of (I've skipped the cancer jokes, that's too far)
  • You can bet Steve Jobs' funeral won't be a flash affair.
  • So you think it's funny to make jokes about the dead? iDon't.   

  • When Reagan was president, we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Steve Jobs. In Obama's America, no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs...
  • Steve Jobs isn't really dead, the nurses are just holding him the wrong way.    
    • Steve Jobs' funeral will be held next week, after which he will be reburied every six months in a slightly better coffin.

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