Thursday, August 18, 2011

Award winning stuff

I've got a bit of a grin on today as I've been told the last project I worked on at ThirtyThree, Claire’s Careers won this month’s Ri5 award for creativity/excellence in recruitment communications.

 You can see the Ri5 award here:

Here's what they had to say:
"In the end, however, a clear majority voted for Claire’s website. “There was some impressive competition in this particular batch of entries, but I like the bravery of the Claire’s campaign in that it hands creative control over to the employees,” said freelance writer Phil Woodford. Mark Braun of 360ยบ was impressed too: “Great engagement and it portrays a real sense of diversity as well as individuality.” And Mark Horley, soon to join TMP Worldwide as head of creative, loved it: “I think this a fantastic example of the employer brand being embedded deep into the organisation. Seeing how the spirit of the brand lives from the UK, to Spain, to Germany, to the Chinnigans (watch the movies) is fantastic. It’s a wonderful example of employee engagement and a real draw for prospective joiners.” And finally, freelance art director Ed Collingwood had this to say: “A nice, welcoming, interactive site that's really on-brand. I particularly like the fact that the video interviews provide a transcript of the dialogue. This attention to accessibility is something which I think is often overlooked when including this kind of content on websites.”

And the site in all it's glory here:

Well done to everyone who worked on this one!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Internet Explorer users have webbed feet

A study published today by ANON has proposed that most IE users have webbed feet and between 9 and 12 toes.

The study has suggested that there is a direct inverse-correlation between the amount of abnormality and the version of IE that is used. For example it was shown that the average IE6 users is more likely to possess a bill and tail where as IE9 users were found to show less obvious signs of deformity.

Links between IE and IQ have been cast into doubt; some IE users have gone as far as to say it was a hoax.

However, disregarding all scientific evidence it is my sound conclusion that IE users are in fact a new sub-species of Human who I now dub "Homo-Sap-IEn-404". If spotted I recommend upgrading to Chrome or Firefox or ethnic cleansing.