Monday, October 22, 2012

10 useful usability findings and guidelines

I've just discovered this Smashing Magazine article on 10 useful usability findings and guidelines.

I'll be referring to this again for sure.

In short they are:
  1. Form labels work best above the field
  2. Users focus on faces - and also look where faces face
  3. Quality of design is an indicator of credibility (users judge a book by it's cover, shit design, layout, consistency, typography, errors, typos, usability, rate of update erode credibility)
  4. Most users do and don't scroll - read the article, it makes sense.
  5. Blue is the best colour for links
  6. The ideal search box is 27-characters wide
  7. White space improves comprehension
  8. Effective user testing doesn't have to be extensive (5-15 people)
  9. Informative product pages help you stand out
  10. Most users are blind to advertising (or things that look liek advertising)

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