Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheezburger network buys "know your Meme"

How interesting, seeing as I plunder lolcats on a daily basis I found this quite interesting. The Cheezburger Network has published "Know Your Meme"

"Meme catalogue website Know Your Meme has been swallowed by Ben Huh’s The Cheezburger Network this morning in a seven figure deal, Tubefilter’s Marc Hustvedt reports. The site, which has 3 million unique visitors per month and 20 million page views per month will be joining sites like Fail Blog, The Daily What and LOLmart in Cheezburger’s march towards total meme domination." source:

Know Your Meme is a site that researches and documents Internet memes and viral phenomena.
Founded in December of 2008, Know Your Meme's research is handled by an independent professional editorial and research staff and community members. In just a short 2-year period, the site grew to reach more than 2.5 million people every month and is considered the most authoritative source on news, history and origins of viral phenomena and Internet memes.
Much like wikis, any registered user can submit a meme or viral phenomena for research at Other users and staff researchers can contribute to the research of the topic and discussion about a meme. The research staff then confirms the meme or invalidates the meme by putting it in the "Deadpool." The editorial and research staff at KYM also provides interviews or Q&As with the people involved, such as Magibon or Scumbag Steve in addition to the research.
Internet memes have risen in popularity with the rise of Internet Culture as more and more people identify with and participate on the Web as their primary method of expression and content consumption. (An Internet memes is a piece of content or an idea that's passed from person to person, changing and evolving along the way. A piece of content that is passed from person to person, but does not evolve or change during the transmission process is considered viral content.)" source

Don't know what a Meme is? "The term Internet meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with "cream"[1]) is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet.[2]" - now you do.

To be honest this was all an excuse to post up some more lolcats...


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