Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Mouse, No keyboard - two screens

I said it would happen, here it is - 2 screens, no mouse, no keyboard -via CrunchGear the Acer Dual-Screen Iconica "touchbook":

It just makes sense - keyboards are great... for typing (and some games) - but what if you want to use it like an iPhone, what if you want to use it to produce graphics...

Watch this space - we'll see devices that use this concept coming out in droves soon I'm sure. Still, I reckon this is a pioneer in how we use laptops.

And as a bit of a tangent - the ability to speak to your computer, becoming mainstream, is finally just round the corner in Chrome 11 - that is if it works, it never has before but if anyone can get voice recognition to work surely Google can? 

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