Thursday, April 21, 2011

Royal Wedding

Who's set for the Royal Wedding?

I am! Only because my involvement goes as far as not giving a hoot. I may find myself watching it on the TV, but I'm far more likely to be down the pub, having a BBQ, at the gym or generally sunning myself. Nonetheless I'm grateful for this day off in a country with far too few public holidays and I suppose, deep inside, there is a little stirring of "isn't this nice".

As a royal UK event this one is probably quite unique in the sense that instead of gathering round the TV many people will be following the events online - perhaps on Twitter, streamed TV, Facebook updates, etc. No doubt long after the wedding footage will be watched again and again on YouTube of Kate Middleton and Prince William getting hitched ... and within a short space of time people will have re-dubbed the footage online and it'll be spreading virally. I look forward to hilarious voiceovers, Kate Middleton Exploding (see CuteThingsExploding YouTube channel), and Lolcats doctored into attending the royal wedding.

Personally I'll be most interested in seeing what her highness has to say on Twitter, or rather the hilarious personification of Queen Elizabeth II - @Queen_UK - if you don't already follow her then I suggest you do now. I suspect the Wedding will be cause for much hilarity!

So how is the UK gearing up for the royalist online event of the year? Well, one can check out the Royal Facebook page for starter or view the Royal YouTube Wedding channel. And of course there is always the official website.

Of course no doubt there will be plenty of references to the People's Princess - Princess Diana. I'd bet money that many tabloids and magazines will be comparing dresses, comparing ceremonies, etc. And I'm sure many of the online channels, bloggers and tweetsr of this world will be shameless mentioning her just to improve their keyword search. Disgusting!

So all in all, no bunting for me but I'll be keen to see how the UK embraces the Royal Wedding online. And will it lead to a rise in popularity for the Royal Family? Well in my book, if they give us a day off they are alright by me!

Your people say you can stay! God bless you!

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