Monday, May 09, 2011


Well my experiement failed. I mentioned Princess Diana, Catherine Middleton and The Royal Wedding several times in my last article to see if I would get a spike from the keywords. For some reason on the day of the wedding there was a spike in people searching for "Blue Waffle" and finding my comedic Christmas "5 blue waffles" advent calendar post. Just to be clear, there were no pictures of blue waffle - and if you don't know what this means you really don't want to know - the therapy is expensive.

Maybe I should have mentioned Syria and Libya a few times seeing as between the Royal Wedding and Osama Bin Ladin getting shot these things shot straight out of the news. I assume that we're still flying sorties over Libya and the Rebels, now forgotten by the fickle world media, are still fighting for democracy and freedom? And Japan - has that power plan exploded yet? What about the people who are picking up their lives still - are there hundreds of thousands still homeless? In fact what about Christchurch... Ok, I'm 26 and old enough to realise how the media works but still sometimes being reminded of this fact is depressing.

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