Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He who Dares...

Well it's my second day at Dare. Yesterday was something of an information overload; I can see I'm not going to be bored. I'm not going to have time to be bored (and nor am I thinking this is a bad thing)! Today I'm in London meeting and greeting Dare people who I'll be working closely with in the future. So far I have managed one out of three meetings - not because I was lost but rather because they've been re-arranged... like I said, Dare is a busy place. After time I'm sure they'll realise I am so wonderful and they will prioritise meeting me over rediculous client meetings.
I have to say (and not just because I'm on 3 months probation and conscious I'm writing in a public forum) that I'm rather excited about this new role. A fresh challenge - a chance to dust off old skills, learn new ones and generally challenge myself. Sink or swim I have an exciting and exhausting few months ahead. Wish me luck!

The thought has crossed my mind that I will sink like a BP oil rig before the month is up and be hated by all... but then I have thought this before and ended up becoming an agency rock-star and loving the people I work with. No doubt the same will happen at Dare. Once they figure out my love of Lolcats, my inappropriate sense of humour and ruthless determination to be awesome in all I do I'm sure that things will be fine. As Pam Ann says "We only make the same mistake three times... ....maybe four." Fortunately I'm not Pam Ann! Phew!

Now... just to decide where to put my "I love my cat" picture frame.

My only gripes about Dare so far are no company laptop (I'm using one of those big boxes, you know, like they used to have in olden times) and no company iPhone. The former I can live without (for now - until I find a justifiable business reason to insist on getting a shiny new one on order)... the latter... well I feel like I've had an arm cut off. For instance I went out for lunch earlier and had to rely on a PAPER map (like some sort of animal!). When did I make the switch from seeing the iPhone as a shiny gizmo to an extra limb? Until you go without the basics such as food, water, sanitation or iPhones you don't realise how important they are. I can't wait until the iPhone5 comes out and my current contract ends... I'm naked without it.

I just hope this one can make phone calls. 

So what's my point? Well to sum up - Hugh is working at Dare, Hugh is happy and hopes he will more than do the job with utmost awesomeness and he wants an iPhone.

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Mark Smout said...

Hugh's Hierarchy of Needs: http://www.twitpic.com/5bh0xm