Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hugh's advent calendar - Day 23


If you're a turkey and you're reading  this... well then well done! You've suppased all human expectations of the mental capacity of a turkey. Perhaps you're genetically modified? A miracle from the gods? Anyway, all super intelligent turkey who can read - if you're reading this I'd go into hiding for a few days. Of course if you're intelligent enough to have learned to read you probably already  know what christmas is about aka TURKEY MURDER DAY. Perhaps you're already in hiding and reading this on an iPad? Can Turkeys use iPad's, I doubt it, maybe they could use their claws a stylus - I'm not sure. Ok, so you're probably on a laptop. Anyway, here are some random turkey pictures:
Turkey burger

Turkey porn


Baby turkey
Turkey Win
Turkey civil union
Two turkeys

Clever turkey disguise
Zombie turkey

Robot turkey

PS: Thank you mr Rodgers for pointing me to the worlds ugliest cat.

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