Friday, December 24, 2010

Hugh's advent calendar - Day 24

Wow, it's been an incredible journey from that first partridge. We've seen cats, furniture, poo jokes, blood, gore, burns, mutilation, child molestation by the pope and other pop celebs, fungi, more cats, cartoons, zombies, santa, evil santa, suicide, terrible movies, mutations, cylons, hamsters, blue breakfasts, the sugarbabes and the possibility of war between north and south korea.

Now we're here, it's Christmas eve. Tomorrow you'll be opening your presents from under your tree. Unless of course you are one of those other major religions like Jedi (Jedi don't celebrate Christmas).

O seems I was wrong. Well technically Vadar is a Sith, although he used to be a Jedi. And stormtroopers definately aren't Jedi.

But ok - so if you're Jedi, Christian or part of most Western cultures you'll probably be celebrating Xmas tomorrow. Unless of course you're alone this year - perhaps you're partner died last year, or maybe you've never loved at all, maybe you're homeless and won't have presents or crack to bring you cheer this year. For all those people you will be in my thoughts. Until something shiny distracts me that is, like waking up, xmas food, xmas drink, presents, christmas day movies, dr who specials (is there one this year?), in fact let's be honest - I'm like 99.9% of the rest of the population, I won't be giving a damn. Sorry.

Now remember, a Dog/Cat is not just for Christmas!!! You can eat them all year round (this one is mostly for Christmas in Korea).

If you've enjoyed my Advent calendar you might enjoy the Weebls Stuff advent calendar (this one is suitable for kids).

Anf if you've got stuck in the snow this year try this link to help you have snow issues next year: 

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without a video of Santa being interrogated by Jack Bauer:

if you want some Xmas fun and games try Christmas with the sproutifarts - developed by Antifuzz in Bristol.

And remember Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate... (he knows if you've been naughty or nice)...

PPS: I saw Tron yesterday. I'd yammer about 3D tech but really all I want to talk about is how awesome visually that film is. The soundtrack is great. The 80's songs, the 80's inspired daft punk electro and inception style PARRRPPPPPPPPSSSSS are brilliant. The concept is wicked. The acting - erm... and storyline... ok, it's not oscar winning, but it's not about that. It's a visual and audio treat, an escape for the mind. It's freaking awesome. And unlike Michael Bay's Transformers, the story and acting hold enough together to make you feel like it's more than just a special effects fest. I do recommend watching it, as the gods intended, in the cinema, in 3D in glorious surround.

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