Monday, January 31, 2011

Bravia to me

I was a bit naughty this weekend and bought a Sony Bravia. Well I had to really, my housemates are always watching (COUNTRYNAME HERE) Next top Model. NO! BAD HOUSEMATES! 1080i 42" plasma screens are made for PS3 and hollywood blockbusters not Tripe's Most Whacky Celebrities Het Me Out Of Here Cameras Everywhere Got The X Factor Dance Troop Do the Funniest Things 2011 on ice! But I can hardly renegate them to their bedrooms while I use the most expensive piece of kit in the house for what it was meant to. So naturally I get a 1080p TV for my bedroom, at 40" the reduced screen size is just about tolerable.

I'm rather excited about the prospect of hooking it up to the internet and trying out the apps. I've been thinking about convergence for ages and it's good to know that it's happening just as all the clever people out there think it will. My TV can access the internet, my console can access the internet, my phone can access the internet, my laptop and console can play TV, my phone, console, laptop and TV can download apps - in fact these days the only difference is screensize - ok not just yet, but it's great how one of these things can do a bit of everything (although they have their specialisms, a laptop is still best for the net, the console for games, the tv for tv, the iPhone for apps and the Sony Erricsson for phoning people (Yes the iPhone is NOT good for making phone calls!)

I was very tempted to buy an LED TV and then I thought why not go 3D too... then I realised that eating was required this month and seeing as I have rent and bills to pay I figured I would compromise and only get a humble LCD. If anyone can tell me about the why LED is better than LCD (is it?) and if 3D TV's are worth it yet I'd be interested to know.

You can read more about what my TV can do better than yours here:

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