Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gym and 2011

I've just got back from the new gym that has just opened up round the corner from me called "Workoutbristol". If you live in Bedminster or Southville, Bristol, then I highly recommend you join. Apart from anything I want my local gym to keep going!

My only criticism of this gym is the chip shop/chinese between the gym and my  current place of work, ThirtyThree at the Tobacco Factory.  I'm not saying it is the fault of either my work, the gym or the greasy wonderful haven that is "The Willow Garden" I'm just saying it's unfortunate as it gives me something very hard to resist after a thorough workout - and who's the git in the office with delicious smelling food?

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All the equipment is shiny and new and although I could only manage 30 minutes this lunch time I intend to fit many more 30 minutes in every lunch time from now until forever. As I'm posting this you'll probably think that I'll only last until the end of this month like most of the fatties who will be swarming the gym memberships right now. I can say that I am serious, and if it wasn't for illness in December and a stupid amount of cheese, turkey, bread sauce, chocolate, crisps, dip, hams, cured meats, olives, oils, pies, cakes, roasted root vegetables, supplier gifts of sweet natured goods, more pie, more dips, breaded and battered treats, mini pizzas, indian take out, chinese take out, staff dinners, birthday dinners, new years celebrations, cocktails, cider, wine, whiskey, liqours then I would probably still have quite a slim waist and wouldn't be feeling the shame of a 34" pair of jeans that was loose in November now feeling more than a little snug.

So I say well done Christmas. You made me a stereotype, but I will not let you defeat me! No by spring I intend to have pushed my stomach back in and have washboard abs, or at least pecs defined enough to hide the fact I have a santa like belly. I would, just once, like to walk along the side of a pool and have heads turn because I'm barely dressed and not because I'm wearing a cavewoman dress (Falaraki 2001 - don't ask!). 

So here it goes, watch this space! I will get fit along with acchieving my other resolutions for 2011.

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