Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Minimalist effect

Calm, enter a white space - fill that space with nothing but your creative thoughts.

Now flush.

What remains will delight and please your audience.

I was just tweeted this brilliant article about the minimalist effect and I thought it was worth a post (sorry I forgot who tweeted it).

A quick scan (which was all I gave it) just shows how sometimes less is more. Sometimes brands look better when they are kept simple. Particularly it seems if they are on a bottle.

Obviously this applies to web-design, in fact it really carries across to all design. In a world where we're crowded with visual input all day something that is given space, kept simple, and instantly recogniseable will appeal - it requires little processing for the brain to say "Yes, I like, recognise and want that".

I wonder if a little of the appeal is that we've grown up in a very minimalist generation? Perhaps minimal design appeals because for the past few decades we've been told minimal = good design?

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