Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you can't beat them join them

Hoorah, for Microsoft??? Yes Microsoft are going to open up Kinect to let hackers play around with it according to the BBC. This is great news for everyone, Kinect is a great peace of hardware with enourmous untapped potential. Check out this article for potential uses for kinect (google for more, there are heaps out there). Everything from controlling Windows 7 to controlling robots!!!

My favourite potential use for Kinect is that it provides the technology to build Minority Report style interfaces.

To my knowledge the ultimate use of Kinect has yet to be applied. That is of course to allow cats to use the internet. Due to a lack of opposable thumbs cats have thus far been excluded from the net. They have to do with make do with manipulating their owners into managing their social presence with some success. An estimated 10% of all internet traffic is now related to cats.

The iPad was the first device that handed control over to our future feline masters (with so far, limited success):

It won't be long now until some fool owner creates software that connects Kinect with cats. Then we're doomed; 99% traffic will be cat related and 99.9% of e-commerce traffic will be cat related, mostly ordering kibble.

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