Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tweets in your calendar

I'm just trying out an app called Twistory which let's you sync your tweets with your calendar (including Google and iCal). Why you'd want to do this I'm not sure, but Techcrunch swears ""You didn't realize it, but you really want those Twitter messages in your calendar." I'm not sure I'm convinced but no doubt in a few weeks I'll wonder how I ever lived without a calendar record of my ramblings.

Ok ok, so I could just go on twitter and look and my tweet history - but this is my tweets in something else. That's exciting right?


Perhaps even more useful - an app that tells you where you checked in 4 years ago via foursquare (again a techcrunch article). Personally I'm not a Foursquare fan - it's all about Facebook Places!

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