Friday, February 25, 2011


Last night I went to an event called Pecha-Kucha. It's an event started by two Japanese architects in which people come to talk about... well anything really. The format is simple, 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. The slides roll on automatically.

It's an interesting way of presenting; the speaker isn't in control - they have to practice... or not. What's very interesting is the slides people choose (images? Text?), do they ad-lib, do they rehearse, do they wing it, do they read from cue cards, do they just read a script.

I think the most engaging talks last night were ones where they had obviously thought about what they wanted to say but it was mostly ad-libbed, no cues, just talking.

The talks are great, check some out: 

It made me think a lot about how I present. Generally I like big images, a bit of my personality / humour, and a bit of winging it. Reading from a script looses the passion, and cue cards just fluster me.

What's your style? Do you rely on script and words on the pages? If you do then try building a presentation without any words next time;  just pictures. You'll find you deliver a much better pres! And of course, like all good stand-ups, audience participation is always a winner! Engage your audience!

I definately think I'm going to give the Pecha-Kucha style of presenting something a go at work one day. I'm wondering if it would be a good format for presenting to clients... definately different!
Can you pronounce Pecha Kucha? It means conversation or "chit chat" in Japanese. I thought it was a kind of Pokemon.

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