Monday, May 19, 2008

Free stuff

BBC click (broadcast on 17/05/08, and watched over the free and wonderful iplayer) has pointed me some free stuff that useful:


Some of this stuff I’ve heard of before, some is new.


As an alternative to OSX or Vista try Linux.


Free browsers try Safari or IE7


Free virus protection for home users try AVG (I’ve used this before and it’s great)


Free storage try


Remote access and control of your computer try (I’ve used this before and it’s great)


Free music organiser -


And a free online version of photoshop -





I’d also point you to (and this is coming from me):

-          Winamp – free music player

-          Windows Media Player – free for windows users and a great player

-          Skype and MSN – two great and indispensible instant messengers

-          Hotmail – free e-mail

-          Google’s calendar and e-mail, free and brilliant. There’s a new widget that lets your sync your outlook calendar with google’s calendar too.

-          Google earth – this is just fun. Download great images of anywhere on the planet.

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