Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I’ve recently split with my partner of 2.5 years.


I’m not going to rant on about that of course, but what I am going to mention is the Web 2.0 aspect of it.


He decided to change their status on Facebook the day after to “single” and I followed later on that day. Since then we’ve both had a flurry of texts, wall posts and messages of people creeping out of the woodwork offering support (and no doubt with intentions of soon to be offering other things). As well as good friends offering support.


I’ve deliberately decided not to change my MSN message to “Happy being single” or something like that as I know it’ll get the wrong attention and send the wrong message.


It’s incredible how the changing of just one little drop down reflects so much emotional angst. How changing that drop down prompts a network of friends to gossip over a number of mediums.


What’s weird to think, assuming we don’t patch things up, is how the next time I change that drop down will probably be at the start of a brand new relationship. How different my emotional state will be at that time!


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