Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A colleague came to me with a problem. The client had asked for a advert to be created, they reviewed it, signed it off, and at the last moment said they didn't like it. So we need to do a new advert for them. My colleague was trying to decide if we should discount the old work, or the new work as we're using a contractor.

I explained that if you built a house for 300K, and at the last moment your client decided not to move in, you wouldn't then charge them 250K just because they aren't going to use what you've made. If they said they wanted another 300K house, you wouldn't then build that for less if it's still worth 300K.

My colleague is still discussing with other people if she should discount the work.

Why is it that people sometimes think web-work doesn't have a value. If you ask for work you should pay for work; if you choose not to use it that is not my problem. I'm of course happy to create something brand new for you.

(Of course in this scenario we are talking about brand new work. I wouldn't be so evil to not offer a discount if there was the possibility of salvaging some of the work from the first house/advert).

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