Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking like an adonis

What does your profile picture say about you? Read this article for more.The gist = people want to appeal, but do so in different ways. Generally I try and find the hottest picture of me; due to a lack of self-confidence I don't change my profile picture often instead favouring to keep the one people have said "you look nice" in most often.

Back in the day I'll admit I used to re-touch my pictures in Photoshop, but thanks to tagging in Facebook I now think what's the point. I can't control where photos of me exist, so if I want to look good in my photos I need to look good all the time not edit them. That's a lot of hard work, and when alcohol is involved even harder! Not to mention many of my friends are terrible photographers; there are so many of me with my eyes closed. I can't schmise all the time.

Perhaps with time we'll find a trend towards more realistic expectations about our bodies because we'll look at others on Facebook more than in magazines and realise real people are... well real! Or we'll find people worry more about looking good because they are must look good constantly in case someone whips their phone out and uploads a photograph straight to Facebook/Flickr etc.

We'll see.


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