Saturday, August 21, 2010

Less is more

Just read an article on treehugger about a chap who lives his whole life on his laptop... everything he says he needs is on there. And in all fairness I can kind of see his point (within reason).

It used to be that I had a mobile phone and an MP3 player. Now they are one. I don't buy CD's, I use Mp3's instead. Ok, I like physically owning DVD's but with a decent sized NAS (and back-up option, or a good VOD service... yet to be created) I could erplace the need to own DVD's with on demand HD video. A camera is always good, and I have one on my phone... I'm sure it won't be long until the camera on your phone is as good as a decent compact (or better?). Paperwork... online billing and banking... sorted! Books - well there is something wonderful about leafing a book... but one day perhaps I'll migrate over to getting an iPad or Kindle

Ok, I don't think I could live a completely nomadic l

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