Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shirt and tie

Last night I stood with my housemates watching "Britain's next top model" ironing my shirt and trousers which I carefully hung on a hanger ready for the morning. In the morning I put these on carefully, did my hair, put on some polished shoes, found the least distressed coat and rode into work carefully avoiding puddles.

Of course I find out the meeting itself is cancelled. PANTS!

At the end of the day, why o why do we have to bother at all? What is it about someone wearing a smart shirt (ideally not off the rack) and an expensive suit (tailor made of course) that makes them so more impressive than some gimp in a tracksuit? Your average village idiot can still dress themselves so why is it important? That chap wearing a scruffy tee, battered Nike trainers and jeans with holes in could easily be the Creative Director of a top London agency... he (or she) could be the one who came up with "that" campaign you are always hearing about.

Now I could look up a whole bunch of studies about wearing a uniform and how the wearer takes on a persona but I'm not going to. You know these. Incidentally, that was exactly what happened in "Britain's next top model" - they had to do a horror shot and dressed up in Zombie make up found it easier to throw themselves into "character" than wearing a Bikini (last week's exciting episode). And do we really want people to be drones, to put on a uniform and conform to a stereotype. I don't, I want to be me, I want to be creative, I want to express myself through my shitty clothes.

I think I might get naked now and leave you with this

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