Monday, August 23, 2010

Online ads

I found this article on online ads interesting considering I've recently started working for an agency thats main revenue stream is primarily from online ads.

To be honest I agree with the article, online ads are irritating and I never click on them. The only time I do is when they are well targetted (as on facebook). Atlhough I know this sort of targetting annoys some people as it means the ad companies have access to information you might not want them to know.

The short of it is for advertising to be effective it needs to be precise, tailored and suited to it's audience. Flinging ads everywhere just doesn't work.

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Rohan Beata said...

It seems more and more are people are trusting Facebook's advertisements. But some do not believe these are as effective as advertised. The advertisement may gain more attraction if the contents of the ads are made more interesting and well-designed.