Monday, November 15, 2010

The event

39 days until "The event" - which is what I'm calling it until the 1st of December.

I saw the first Coca-Cola "The event" advert last night during the X Factor; they are showing the old advert which is disapointing, it just seems lazy. It did give myself and my housemates warm fuzzy feelings (and there were a few texts and tweets saying "Wow, it's nearly chri... event time - did you see the Coke advert?". It's interesting that a product should have such a strong association with the event; then again it's an overly comercialised festival and I'm not sure what it means to me anymore. I do know the only reason Santa is red is because of Coca-Cola branding (Old St Nick was originally green) - but everyone knows that right?

I've just found the new coke commercial, hoorah - they haven't disapointed - they are just milking the old one. I suppose that's ok.

So anyway. First frost this morning, at least first one I've noticed (there goes my parsley) - I slipped up and now my bum hurts. I heard the first "The event" song the other day, that wasn't so bad. It was that one sung by the Pogues about domestic violence.

I'm looking forward to a trip to Germany this week (specifically I'm going to Cologne / Koln); I'm told I'll be going to an event market which will be nice. They do like their markets at eventtime - it'll be interesting to see what it's like.Actually I'm really excited about this, it's the first time I've been to Europe on my own, the first time I've had to make a transfer at an airpoint (bit worried about that part, what happens with my luggage, what if it goes on the wrong plane?) and the first time I've stayed with the family of someone who's language I do not speak and who themselves I've only met once - well he's an awesome chap. Let's hope he doesn't go all Human Centipede on me (because apparantly all Germans are like that now according to recent census polls... hmm, I think they are not - if you have to stereotype Germans it is surely as a lovely lovely people?).

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I suppose I should think about doing event shopping soon. Perhaps I'll do some while I'm in Germany. Has VAT gone up yet? I'm realising there is no point to this article other than to express my disdain for anything to do with the event prior to December first and to find a cheap way to mention The Human Centipede again. O I can't be bothered, I want to go back to bed, something about humbugs.

I have coffee now - I'm slowing waking up. And here is a random video of Maru:

I realised that I've missed the chance to bitch at the supermarkets. I went to Asda on Saturday (it's my only local supermarket, you get used to it after awile - actually going in to see the crazies is quite good entertainment). There was event food everywhere - the shelves were literally statcked to twice their normal height. I wouldn't have minded as I was just doing my regular shop and I do like taking advantage of the cheap booze offers but I was very annoyed by the price hike in cheese! I mean I know people eat Cheese at Christmas but it was probably more expensive than gold, pure delicious milky gold! Then again I haven't eaten cheese for about 4 months, perhaps there has been some sort of cheese crisis in that time I haven't been aware of. Have cows been on strike? Everyone else has been.

There have to be more things I can rant at? Cheryl Cole's hair perhaps - that was quite rediculous. Check it out, xFactor 14th November 2010 - I can only assume she modelled herself on Queen Amidala from the Phantom Menace.

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shiny_person said...

I went to the event markets in Cologne a few years vack... They were quite good. Lots of lovely things to eat and buy...