Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How to cook your testicles

WARNING Your laptop may be cooking your testicles and reduce fertility.

This may explain why I don't have any children.

Be warned, cooking your testicles with your laptop should be avoided at all costs.

Other activities which cause serious nadger harm and should be avoided:
  • Drying them directly on open fires
  • Placing them in Microwaves
  • Trimming pubes with secateurs
  • Giving to dog as chew toy - this is a FALSE economy. 
  • Slamming in car door
  • Nailing to desk for a bet (I've heard someone did this - urban myth?)
  • Jumping onto your bike seat without safety arrangement
  • Covering in peanut butter and encouraging a goat to pleasure you (Goats love peanut butter!)
  • Sticking them in a £1 whore
  • marriage

Don't do it!

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