Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook launches....

10:03: The rumour mill has been busy again, this time it has been churning out theories on what Facebook is due to announce today (14/11/10). The biggest theory is that it will be launching it's own e-mail. At the moment to sign in to facebook, to receive push notifications, etc you need an e-mail address. Most users have their e-mail with Facebook competitors i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo or Google's Gmail. If Facebook launch their own e-mail they'll basically be saying a big FUCK YOU to Microsoft, Yahooo and Google. In theory I can imagine there are users who between FB mail and Facebook social will never need to leave their Facebook domain.

Very exciting / interesting.


Anonymous said...

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Liquiscape said...

Well I'm not really sure what it is - but I'm still excited.