Thursday, November 18, 2010


There's an app for that - but increasingly not just on an Apple iPhone. Nokia's Ovi store is rapidly increasing it's share of the market. And Android phones are now neck n neck in terms of Smartphone domination. That means when we say we'll do an app for a client there are at least three we should seriously be considering developing for.  When your budget is tight this is not something clients will be loving. Perhaps this multiple platform world will be short lived - there are those working towards a single framework so you can develop apps that work across all platforms. Now wouldn't that be nice!

See also: Brands that don't develop on android are missing out.

But it's not just about building cool apps. Traditional advertising is finding it's home in the world of Mobile. Apple is launching it's iAd platform which promises to "finally open up the advertising potential of mobile devices". Worth keeping an eye on this one.

Slight tangent - but there are more mobile phones than PC's - FACT. It's a great place to advertise, why? Because what do you never leave behind - your mobile phone. You might have a tablet like iPad or Galaxy, you might have an Air or similar - but the device you always have is your mobile. More and more we're moving away from the need to have a laptop/PC at least in the home. There is so much you can do now thanks to apps.
Few new features that will shake things up a bit / make mobiles more useful.
Google docs comes to iOS and Android (who needs a PC anyway?)
Mobile phones replacing your wallet? Yes - Nokia to enable contactless payment.

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