Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wii love new technology - help me obi wan kinobe, you're my only hope

Everyone loves the Wii (even though Nintendo last reported a loss - but they can afford considering the oodles of profit they were earning before). And PS3 and Xbox want a piece of the action with their various offerings. Today Microsoft's XBox "Kinect" goes on sale, and unlike the PS3 and Wii offering it's completely hand's free. I can't wait to have a play with this - from an interface point of view it's quite exciting. We're basically heading towards full on Minority Report - and let's face it, everyone wants to live the Minority Report dream.

I always get very excited about the tools that let us interact with computers because it brings about new possibilites. And as a geek I like looking at the tech in sci-fi films and TV that has or is coming true.  Like Star Trek Next Generation style touch screens - great for new games like "Angry birds" or 3G web-surfing. Rubbish for making calls, text-typing (I can write a full message with my Sony Erricsson without looking, impossible with my IPhone4) and rubbish for games like "Tetris" which lends itself so well to buttons but not to our stubby digits. (And if you're a fan of old style Star Trek we've had flip phones for ever! May they not live long or prosper!)

What's next - well 3D obviously. Avatar brought 3D to the forefront (although there were 3D cinema films before like the brilliant Coraline) - thankyou mr Cameron. It won't be long until TV's / consoles are 3D and don't require glasses. Nintendo have already acchieved this with the new 3D-DS. And these 3D-TV's will be delivered via Web-TV in glorious super HD. HOORAH!

So what's next? Well if we look backwards at what we might dream of - how about the Star Wars 3D holograms. We're not quite yet but the technology is starting to exist.In fact holograms are already being used (albeit in a crude form to what I hope the future will hold) in concerts e.g. Gorillas.

Anyway - I'm off to eat some sandwiches but I'm pretty excited about the future!

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