Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going viral

Last night I went to KittenCamp . An event hosted by Rubber Republic (an agency in Bristol that specialise in viral marketing).
We took a look at some of the top viral videos of the moment: (Generally all sources of hilarity – funny stuff seems to always be what people share most).
We then had superstar Dan from Aardman digital talk to us about Viral gaming. I’ve only been involved in a few games before and I know how difficult they can be. Even at the concept stage it’s hard to come up with something different and original.
Tips I picked up
  • Seems obvious – but the game must be fun, challenging but not too difficult. This is easily missed.
  • When launching a viral game the first 48 hours are the most critical – this is the time when it will sink or swim. You have to accept the risk with anything “viral” – it may sink.
    • Sometimes this is time to start selling out to advertising to try and breathe life into it.
  • The ideal launch time is Thursday lunch GMT – this maximises chance it’ll be picked up by UK and US market and that things will really pick up at the weekend.
  • Germans love playing online games. Das ist zehr gut!
  • You need to seed the game out there but there are platforms such as Kongregate  and Newgrounds .
  • You should work out the gameplay first not the design. If it’s not fun to play it won’t be played – colouring it in won’t make a difference.
  • So I think I’ve said this a few times – MAKE IT FUN!
  • Everyone thinks that the age demographic is spotty teenagers – it isn’t, they have better games to play (PS3, Xbox, Wii, Mobile and other solo games teenagers like to do alone in their bedroom). Online games are mostly played by 25 – 45.
  • Don’t drink too much at the free bar unless you want to start rambling rubbish to the accounts team from McCann Erickson.

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If anyone is interested here is the meme playlist we went through: