Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things you shouldn't do

Things should never do:

Put a kitten in a blender:

Roast a baby:

Allow a monkey and a goat to produce a child:

Wear a dress made out of meat (past sell by date):

Swim with polar bears:

Eat before a bungee jump:

Swim in shark infested waters:

Play with fireworks:

Obey your sat-nav religiously:

Become a budget transexual:

Now don't you feel educated?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cologne, Germany - my little adventure

I went to Germany last weekend 19th to 22nd November. This summer I went to Gran Canaria and befriend two lovely guys, Dominic and James. Dominic invited me to come and stay with his family in Koln and I thought - hell why not.

I booked my flights via flying from Bristol to Amsterdam, Schpol and then from Schpol to Koln/Bonn airport. As my first solo European flight I'll admit I was pretty nervous. "This is mad, I'm staying with a German family I've never met and a friend I barely know... this is crazy!"

Well I can honestly say that I now love the Rhineland. Dominic's family was so incredibly welcoming and any language barriers were easily overcome. I found myself very quickly speaking a sort of pigeon English/Deutsch and we easily understood eachother. I think / hope I have a friend for life in Dominic. It is a shame there are no direct flights from Bristol.

My one trip pain was that my suitcase did not arrive with me, it was left at Amsterdam. Fortunately it came the next day. Dominic's mutter however went out and bought me a toothbrush/paste and spare socks. So kind! She also bought me a present (again, I love german friendliness) - two boxes of German biscuits from the local Christmas market (which I shall save for Christmas :-)). I have been sure to thank his family with flowers which arrive on Dominic's birthday, this Saturday (thank you Interflora).

I've uploaded the photos from my Cologne trip to Facebook which you can see here.

I wasn't actually staying in Koln itself but a little outside in a place called Bedburg.

View Larger Map

While I was there I got to see proper german Christmas markets, drink Glauwine (mulled wine), drink Schnapps and German beer - specifically Kölsch. Now I don't drink beer - but I loved this. Someone please tell me where you can get this in the UK. I also got to try plenty of german food, such as Blutwurst in Himmel und erde and sauerkraut.

I'm looking forward to introducing Dominic to local british delicacies such as pie, pasties and Cider. Ha you can tell I'm a west country boy.

On the last day Dominic, his sister Zara and I also went ice skating. I managed to not fall over but I would say I need a bit more practice before I enter myself for the olympics.

One of the things I found noticeable - and this may sound random - but was the general cleanliness. The streets were clean and even the bathrooms in nightclubs were sparkling. I was thinking, "if this was a UK club the seat would be covered in piss - why do we do this?"
Left: a typical British toilet in a nightclub, Right: a typical German toilet in a nightclub.

There were other things I noticed beyond clean loos. Such as plenty of wind-turbines, roads without potholes, efficient, clean, timely, cheap trains.

The experience of going out was great too. Brauhaus' will often have table service and they trust you to pay at the end (would we be able to do this in the UK? I think we would not!). In the clubs they give you a little card and you pay for your drinks on leaving. So efficient (although a pain if you don't have enough Euro's at the end).

Generally I had a great time out and about and meeting Dominic's friends. See below, from left James (in green), Mather (in red), Myself (at the back), Dominic (at the front), Felix (in stripes) and Kristian (in white).

When I was out clubbing in the Koln gay club "Venue" I heard this song. I've heard it since in the UK - most German clubs seem to play songs in English. It's brilliant, I can't wait to download!

Dominic was a little obsessed with this dutch YouTube video. You don't have to understand dutch to figure the meaning of "alles ist vol":

He also enjoyed singing the lyrics to the Blink song "I want to fuck a dog in the ass" - well you have to learn English from somewhere:

I shall have to learn more German for my next trip. It's a great language, precise but easy to hear and hopfully pick up. Perhaps I'll take some lessons.

So there you go, my German adventure:


Thursday, November 18, 2010


There's an app for that - but increasingly not just on an Apple iPhone. Nokia's Ovi store is rapidly increasing it's share of the market. And Android phones are now neck n neck in terms of Smartphone domination. That means when we say we'll do an app for a client there are at least three we should seriously be considering developing for.  When your budget is tight this is not something clients will be loving. Perhaps this multiple platform world will be short lived - there are those working towards a single framework so you can develop apps that work across all platforms. Now wouldn't that be nice!

See also: Brands that don't develop on android are missing out.

But it's not just about building cool apps. Traditional advertising is finding it's home in the world of Mobile. Apple is launching it's iAd platform which promises to "finally open up the advertising potential of mobile devices". Worth keeping an eye on this one.

Slight tangent - but there are more mobile phones than PC's - FACT. It's a great place to advertise, why? Because what do you never leave behind - your mobile phone. You might have a tablet like iPad or Galaxy, you might have an Air or similar - but the device you always have is your mobile. More and more we're moving away from the need to have a laptop/PC at least in the home. There is so much you can do now thanks to apps.
Few new features that will shake things up a bit / make mobiles more useful.
Google docs comes to iOS and Android (who needs a PC anyway?)
Mobile phones replacing your wallet? Yes - Nokia to enable contactless payment.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zombie Invasion - What to do

Last night I was watching the Walking Dead on FX It's a post-take over Zombie TV series. I highly recommend it if you're a fan of Zombie films. They follow the "Day of the dead" model as opposed to Resident Evil mutant Zombies or 28 Days Later can actually run after you Zombies.

Once again this got me thinking about the highly likely scenario of what to do in a Zombie invasion. The fact is I would probably just curl up in a ball and die if I didn't think about these things in advance. It's all about preparation!
Fortunately help is on hand. I'm not alone in my not unreasonable fear of the undead. Virgin have created a tool that let's your practice Zombie killing in your area using a Google maps mash-up. Ok I'm not sure they are actually that worried, in fact I think it may be some sort of advertising promotion - still it's a good start if you want to get an idea of how you might get the lay of your local area.

It is a serious issue. For an unbiased insight into the real threat of undead meltdown the BBC have a few thoughts which may be of use if things really go Zombie up.

More help is on hand - The Oatmeal has prepared this useful factsheet to help prepare you for the inevitable. Again very useful.

Although not strictly documentaries a couple of films exist that are quite useful. They are of course Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.

Zombieland is probably the better for getting effective Zombie invasion tips. This is after all a serious problem we should all be worried about! However, Shaun of the Dead, for us brits, gives us an idea of how we might cope in a UK urban setting. I would agree that a pub is a solid and safe place to haul up - however I wouldn't recommend a Weatherspoons (in my experience they have large glass windows and unsuitable furniture). Perhaps an Edwards as their bar furniture tends to be solid and easily converted into weapons.

Now traditionally Zombie's are humans - however what if they weren't. Check out this helpful video which gives you an idea of a Cat Zombie invasion. Meow! Thank you Weebls-stuff.


Recognise the signs and the hungry expressions.They are generally similar to normal cat expressions. There are tells - are they bleeding, is their jaw missing, is their head backwards. Remember these points!

Zombie dogs can be seen in action by watching most Resident Evil films. Generally it seems only one breed of dog turns into a Zombie. That is the Doberman Pincher - I have yet to see a Zombie Springer Spaniel or Daschund. Theoretically it is possible but I would not be overly worried unless you have a Doberman. If you do have a Doberman I would recommend having the animal destroyed or giving it to a neighbour you don't particularly like. DO NOT BURY IT IN YOUR BACKYARD. This is just asking for trouble if indeed the dead rise.

Other pets may turn into a Zombie - I do not have reference material for what to do against most. I recommend keeping Zombie hamsters caged. Zombie tortoises probably present minimal threat, however rabbits have the potential to inflict considerable damage.Bone and carrots have a similar density that is surprising to most.

If you have the time and money you could consider Zombie proofing your house. There are probably cost effective ways to do this. Keeping a good supply of wooden boards, nails and hammers is always a good start. Don't forget about storing ample amounts of non-perishable food goods. If you have more money you can plan ahead and design a stylish Zombie proof house. There are architects who can help you, find out more about designing a Zombie proof abode here. You should consider that in the event of Zombie attack the power is likely to go out and you will be cut off from basic supplies. If you are so inclined living a green off-grid life style now can help prepare you for undead invasion. The basic principle is you must be self-sufficient. Micro-generation, hydroponics, etc can ensure you are not left without your creature comforts while your grand mother bangs on your door moaning "BRAINS". Try the Treehugger website for tips on the latest in green living.

Medical care should be another consideration. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit and take a first aid training course with the red cross or St Johns Ambulance as soon as you can. Befriending or marrying a nurse or doctor is very helpful. If you need serious care hospitals are a no go! If you've watched the movies you'll know these are where people generally start dying. Terminator 3 gave me a very useful tip - try raiding vets. They have similar supplies and lower population densities. Although do read the points on animal attack above first. Do not go into a vets unarmed. Pharmacies may also be helpful. Generally they are staffed by older persons who, as Zombies, will be easier to slaughter should they be on site when you make your raid.

Do be sure to document the events using a digital video camera. One day people may find this next to your half eaten corpse and make it into a documentary. However, if your friend is being mauled do not carry on filming - either help or run. Be sure to take your eyes off the lens once in awhile to be sure you are not about to be eaten.

The Isle of Dogs is not a safe place post-appocolypse. Do not live there - see 28 weeks later for why.

More useful links:
  • How to survive a Zombie attack
  • Top 7 Zombie Survival tips - very useful this one, wear body armour is a good un.
  • Halfords or B&Q - While these sites are not themselves dedicated to Zombie attack (they should really have a section) I would like to put the thought in your mind as they are useful stockists of weaponary. Be sure to note your nearest and print this article. In the event of a Zombie attack it is likely the internet could go down and Zombie call centres in India can probably not help you (because they have been turned into Zombies!)
  • Army surplus stores (find your local on Google) - while camo gear is generally not that helpful it does make you look cool and could possibly help boost your confidence. Confidence could mean the difference between life and undeath!
  • More how to survive a Zombie attack (on wikipedia) - some good tips here. It's good to know these things.
  • Why do Zombies like to eat brains - personally I'm not satisfied with the answers here.
  • Mathematical models of Zombie invasion - from Canada.
  • Sainsburys - I can't generally afford the higher premium of a Sainsbury. In the event of attack I would definately recommend stocking up here. Think of the people who go to Asda and you will realise they are practically undead already; if they were ACTUALLY undead Asda is probably too hazadous to risk. I have included a link to their store-locator so you can find your nearest one before the net goes down.
  • Zombie Biology - understand your foe!
  • Possible causes - theories on the possible causes of Zombieness.
  • Zombie party - not everyone is against Zombies. There are those campaigning for their human rights.This is almost as worrying as people who vote for the BNP. VOTING PRO-ZOMBIE IS NOT A GOOD IDEA (nor is voting for the BNP). CURE is another idiot organisation - fortunately I think this is just to do with games.
  • Zombie forum - join the community that may just save your life! Start here for survival tips.Stay up to date with the latest in surviving Zombie catastrophe by following their blog.

    I hope you find this useful. Please let me know if you have any more useful advice for Zombie attacks.

    Update: If the above doesn't help you can at least see what you'd look like as a Zombie here

    This is what I might look like just before I chew your faceoff.

    How addicted to Twitter are you?

    How addicted to Twitter are you?
    Created by Oatmeal

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    One company to rule them all

    A mate (thank you kindly Alex B) just pointed me to this rather interesting article about the internet monopolies - i.e. the giants like Facebook and Google and how if you were to ditch them you would have to give up "whole categories of activity".

    It's a great read - I would recommend.

    Social banners

    Banner adverts are annoying... fact. Yet many companies still make a lot of money out of them and the number of people who click through is still sufficient to make the placement of banner advertising on websites a lucrative business.

    Banners are generally set dimensions and easy for advertisers to understand - they are, to many, considered analogous to print advertising. i.e. flat and boring.
    There is of course so much more you can do with an advert online, be that to build it in flash and make it "whizzy" or do something more intelligent with multiple ad's working together, using clever campaigns, using expandable content, use video, introduce a game, make it an adventure, stick a chicken in a gimp suit on it and so fourth.

    A new dimension advertisers are starting to, rightly, look at is introducing a social aspect. An advert suddenly becomes more interesting if you know your peers on Facebook "like" it, or it becomes less static if you can see in real-time what people are tweeting about the brand. At least that's the theory - read more about social banner advertising here.

    This sort of advertising is nothing like traditional print - it's interactive, it is involving - it's fucking fantastic!

    Social is the way forward - actually it's the way you should be already because social has been around for ages.

    Content shouldn't be static, it shouldn't be boring, it should be intelligent, it should know who you are, where you are and what you want. It should be relevant and interesting. I don't want to enlarge my penis, I don't care about women's clothing, Jessica is not horny and online now - I want to know that that film I saw with my mates a few weeks ago is now available on DVD, that the bike I just tweeted about is now discounted at my local store, I want that job vacancy that has just come up in MY city doing what i ACTUALLY do.

    I guess there are heaps of issues with privacy here. For advertising to really get to know you it has to get to know you, i.e. advertisers have access to information you might not want them to. Anyway - I'm rambling.

    The more clever things you can do the better (as long as they are relevant to the brand of course ). But in a world of noise you should always strive to create something that you would click on, that you would enjoy, that offers value that isn't just more noise.

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Facebook launches....

    10:03: The rumour mill has been busy again, this time it has been churning out theories on what Facebook is due to announce today (14/11/10). The biggest theory is that it will be launching it's own e-mail. At the moment to sign in to facebook, to receive push notifications, etc you need an e-mail address. Most users have their e-mail with Facebook competitors i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo or Google's Gmail. If Facebook launch their own e-mail they'll basically be saying a big FUCK YOU to Microsoft, Yahooo and Google. In theory I can imagine there are users who between FB mail and Facebook social will never need to leave their Facebook domain.

    Very exciting / interesting.

    The event

    39 days until "The event" - which is what I'm calling it until the 1st of December.

    I saw the first Coca-Cola "The event" advert last night during the X Factor; they are showing the old advert which is disapointing, it just seems lazy. It did give myself and my housemates warm fuzzy feelings (and there were a few texts and tweets saying "Wow, it's nearly chri... event time - did you see the Coke advert?". It's interesting that a product should have such a strong association with the event; then again it's an overly comercialised festival and I'm not sure what it means to me anymore. I do know the only reason Santa is red is because of Coca-Cola branding (Old St Nick was originally green) - but everyone knows that right?

    I've just found the new coke commercial, hoorah - they haven't disapointed - they are just milking the old one. I suppose that's ok.

    So anyway. First frost this morning, at least first one I've noticed (there goes my parsley) - I slipped up and now my bum hurts. I heard the first "The event" song the other day, that wasn't so bad. It was that one sung by the Pogues about domestic violence.

    I'm looking forward to a trip to Germany this week (specifically I'm going to Cologne / Koln); I'm told I'll be going to an event market which will be nice. They do like their markets at eventtime - it'll be interesting to see what it's like.Actually I'm really excited about this, it's the first time I've been to Europe on my own, the first time I've had to make a transfer at an airpoint (bit worried about that part, what happens with my luggage, what if it goes on the wrong plane?) and the first time I've stayed with the family of someone who's language I do not speak and who themselves I've only met once - well he's an awesome chap. Let's hope he doesn't go all Human Centipede on me (because apparantly all Germans are like that now according to recent census polls... hmm, I think they are not - if you have to stereotype Germans it is surely as a lovely lovely people?).

    View Larger Map

    I suppose I should think about doing event shopping soon. Perhaps I'll do some while I'm in Germany. Has VAT gone up yet? I'm realising there is no point to this article other than to express my disdain for anything to do with the event prior to December first and to find a cheap way to mention The Human Centipede again. O I can't be bothered, I want to go back to bed, something about humbugs.

    I have coffee now - I'm slowing waking up. And here is a random video of Maru:

    I realised that I've missed the chance to bitch at the supermarkets. I went to Asda on Saturday (it's my only local supermarket, you get used to it after awile - actually going in to see the crazies is quite good entertainment). There was event food everywhere - the shelves were literally statcked to twice their normal height. I wouldn't have minded as I was just doing my regular shop and I do like taking advantage of the cheap booze offers but I was very annoyed by the price hike in cheese! I mean I know people eat Cheese at Christmas but it was probably more expensive than gold, pure delicious milky gold! Then again I haven't eaten cheese for about 4 months, perhaps there has been some sort of cheese crisis in that time I haven't been aware of. Have cows been on strike? Everyone else has been.

    There have to be more things I can rant at? Cheryl Cole's hair perhaps - that was quite rediculous. Check it out, xFactor 14th November 2010 - I can only assume she modelled herself on Queen Amidala from the Phantom Menace.

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Click here for more about clicking here

    This is one for anyone who ever does any web-copywriting.

    When ever anyone suggests use of the words “Click here” or “Find out more” you’ll often here me make a grunt of disgust.

    The reason this language is bad practice from an accessibility point of view. I’ve often found it hard to explain why, but I’ve discovered this article which seems to explain it quite clearly. So if you’re interested follow this link which will take you to an article about why we shouldn’t just say click here.

    The main thing to keep in mind is that a link should make sense out of context because this is how users with screen readers may read it.

    “Click here” tells me nothing about where I am clicking to. If “Click here” is mentioned multiple times on the page it is annoying to the blind user tabbing round the screen.

    Instead you can have:
    • “Click here to find out more about job vacancies”
    •  “Here is a picture of a chicken in a corset”
    •  "Click for a text only version of this page”
    • “Find out more about Chicken Corsets here”
    • “Download our Chicken Corset Catalogue here (133kb PDF)”
    In all cases you, the user, should be clear what you will see when you click that link.

    The only problem is, “Click here” is so neat, it’s small and succinct and it’s a habit we all find hard to break. Nonetheless it’s something to keep in mind.

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Going viral

    Last night I went to KittenCamp . An event hosted by Rubber Republic (an agency in Bristol that specialise in viral marketing).
    We took a look at some of the top viral videos of the moment: (Generally all sources of hilarity – funny stuff seems to always be what people share most).
    We then had superstar Dan from Aardman digital talk to us about Viral gaming. I’ve only been involved in a few games before and I know how difficult they can be. Even at the concept stage it’s hard to come up with something different and original.
    Tips I picked up
    • Seems obvious – but the game must be fun, challenging but not too difficult. This is easily missed.
    • When launching a viral game the first 48 hours are the most critical – this is the time when it will sink or swim. You have to accept the risk with anything “viral” – it may sink.
      • Sometimes this is time to start selling out to advertising to try and breathe life into it.
    • The ideal launch time is Thursday lunch GMT – this maximises chance it’ll be picked up by UK and US market and that things will really pick up at the weekend.
    • Germans love playing online games. Das ist zehr gut!
    • You need to seed the game out there but there are platforms such as Kongregate  and Newgrounds .
    • You should work out the gameplay first not the design. If it’s not fun to play it won’t be played – colouring it in won’t make a difference.
    • So I think I’ve said this a few times – MAKE IT FUN!
    • Everyone thinks that the age demographic is spotty teenagers – it isn’t, they have better games to play (PS3, Xbox, Wii, Mobile and other solo games teenagers like to do alone in their bedroom). Online games are mostly played by 25 – 45.
    • Don’t drink too much at the free bar unless you want to start rambling rubbish to the accounts team from McCann Erickson.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Wii love new technology - help me obi wan kinobe, you're my only hope

    Everyone loves the Wii (even though Nintendo last reported a loss - but they can afford considering the oodles of profit they were earning before). And PS3 and Xbox want a piece of the action with their various offerings. Today Microsoft's XBox "Kinect" goes on sale, and unlike the PS3 and Wii offering it's completely hand's free. I can't wait to have a play with this - from an interface point of view it's quite exciting. We're basically heading towards full on Minority Report - and let's face it, everyone wants to live the Minority Report dream.

    I always get very excited about the tools that let us interact with computers because it brings about new possibilites. And as a geek I like looking at the tech in sci-fi films and TV that has or is coming true.  Like Star Trek Next Generation style touch screens - great for new games like "Angry birds" or 3G web-surfing. Rubbish for making calls, text-typing (I can write a full message with my Sony Erricsson without looking, impossible with my IPhone4) and rubbish for games like "Tetris" which lends itself so well to buttons but not to our stubby digits. (And if you're a fan of old style Star Trek we've had flip phones for ever! May they not live long or prosper!)

    What's next - well 3D obviously. Avatar brought 3D to the forefront (although there were 3D cinema films before like the brilliant Coraline) - thankyou mr Cameron. It won't be long until TV's / consoles are 3D and don't require glasses. Nintendo have already acchieved this with the new 3D-DS. And these 3D-TV's will be delivered via Web-TV in glorious super HD. HOORAH!

    So what's next? Well if we look backwards at what we might dream of - how about the Star Wars 3D holograms. We're not quite yet but the technology is starting to exist.In fact holograms are already being used (albeit in a crude form to what I hope the future will hold) in concerts e.g. Gorillas.

    Anyway - I'm off to eat some sandwiches but I'm pretty excited about the future!


    I do like suited hotties in aviators in the autumn. Should I start wearing aviators in winter, will this make me look cool or will I just look silly because I won't be suited and can't grow sideburns (despite lack of trying). Should I buy sideburns, to glue on, so I can wear my aviators? How can I fix the gears on my bicycle? What do the lyrics in Cheryle Cole's promise this actually mean? Will I ever look like the men in the last but one Alexandra Burke video. Does the fact that I read The Sun [I WILL NOT link to this "paper"], in the Sauna, after gym yesterday make me a chav - and why is it that a newspaper can get away without publishing anything newsworth. I mean seriously, no politics but plenty of xfactor, UFO's and women with their baps out. Why do I always leave it to the very last second to leave my house when I only live 5 minutes from work. Wow that girl is a serious goth! I really need to fold my clothes and put them away. What am I doing this weekend. I can't wait for KittenCamp later.

    All this I wondered on the way to work this morning.

    Tuesday, November 09, 2010

    How to cook your testicles

    WARNING Your laptop may be cooking your testicles and reduce fertility.

    This may explain why I don't have any children.

    Be warned, cooking your testicles with your laptop should be avoided at all costs.

    Other activities which cause serious nadger harm and should be avoided:
    • Drying them directly on open fires
    • Placing them in Microwaves
    • Trimming pubes with secateurs
    • Giving to dog as chew toy - this is a FALSE economy. 
    • Slamming in car door
    • Nailing to desk for a bet (I've heard someone did this - urban myth?)
    • Jumping onto your bike seat without safety arrangement
    • Covering in peanut butter and encouraging a goat to pleasure you (Goats love peanut butter!)
    • Sticking them in a £1 whore
    • marriage

    Don't do it!

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Robots that mimic animals

    Ok this is seriously cool - robots that mimic animals. And unlike usual reports of cool robots these ones aren't shit - at least the first dog one isn't. Check it out

    More on the dog walker: 

    Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    How to build a mobile website

    I'll be reading this article on how to build a mobile website. Cursory glance says it'll be useful.

    I was recently asked to quote for building one - my first question was "why".

    Surely a website that is built properly (i.e. to accessible web standards) should work / degrade gracefully and work on a mobile phone.

    If you build a website which, for example, uses Flash for it's whole navigation then yes - it won't work on a iPhone - then again if you don't have Flash or are using a screenreader it won't work either.

    PS: Don't build an iPhone app because you can - know your user; do they need an iPhone app... and why not build for Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, etc while you're at it?

    Meteor impact

    I'm one of those people who sits in bed at night planning for unlikely events. I know for instance my survival strategy in case I'm one of the lucky survivors after 99% of the worlds population is wiped out by a deadly Virus. I also have plans I've made in my head in case of Zombie invasion (well ok, I've decided where my strongholds might be and who I'm going to push in the way of a Zombie attack and who I'd want to save). I'm undecided about what I would do in the event of alien invasion; I guess it really depends on which model you subscribe to.

    Of course these are all unlikely senarios. Far more likely is the taking of over of humanity by sentient machines ala Terminator Judgement Day. My only adjustment to this scenario is that I believe Skynet already exists and is called Google. Think about it, Google knows everything we know, it has mapped our planet (and military), it has started building it's own power source and laying down fiber networks across America (AKA a nervous system!) - it's even started tagging us so it can follow us everywhere with it's Android phones. 

    Anyway, I digress:

    One scenario I hadn't considered was asteroid impact; mostly because I always thought if an asteroid hit we'd be buggered. Turns out it depends on many variables which you can calucculate at this lovely impact: earth website. Hoorah! Tonight I shall sleep well while I plan for various deep impact scenarios.

    Drupal 7 site builder

    Drupal 7... well I've just confused those readers who don't know what I'm chatting about and lost the interest of those who do.

    But for the few who have decided to perservere I hope you find this interesting.

    I've just come across a beta website builder being developed by a South Wales agency at the moment which is worth playing with just to give you a sense of the possibilities of Drupal.

    It's a website builder, powered by the lovliness that is Drupal (or the evilness if you don't know what you're doing). The tool itself allows you to build and customise a website very quickly without any knowledge of tinterweb programmy magics; go on give it a go yourself:

    Or here's one I made earlier (in under 5 minutes)

    The website is only in beta and has yet to embrace the full depth of possibility you get with Drupal. The great thing about Drupal is it's free and supported by a large global community of developers. The problem with Drupal is it's hard to work with if you don't know what you're doing; then again so is playing the Piano... embrace your instrument and you can create a masterpiece :-)

    Thank you @rupertjabelmanfor pointing me in the direction of this

    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Next Halloween I'm coming as basement cat

    Looking forward to the Walking with Dinosaurs movie

    Everybody loves dinosaurs - and Walking with Dinosaurs brings back fond teenage memories for me. So I'm very pleased to hear they are making a movie of it.

    Tips for charities on Twitter

    I've just read an interesting article about tips for Charities on Twitter. To be honest - if you read it through (which you should) these tips apply to anyone trying to make a noise on Twitter.

    I think the main point to take away is don't just broadcast yourself, have a conversation! This means monitoring your channel, replying to questions and retweeting mentions of your brand.

    Fireworks the best tool for wireframing

    After reading this article I may have to give Fireworks a go for wireframing.

    Monday, November 01, 2010

    Torture Garden

    Well I had a great Halloween everybody. I'm sure someone with a better grasp of Psychology could explain in detail about why it's so much fun to put on a mask and take on a new persona. This year I took it to the next level by attending Torture Garden London. I can't wait to go again - now I'm not one for getting whipped and lashed, or indeed whipping and lashing - but this is a great venue for the seriously weird!!!

    Check out my Facebook album here.